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Community College Is Worth It

Community College Is Worth It
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We are told throughout high school that we should aim for university and dump all our money on a 4-year education so we can have the best success.

But why? Why are we told to purposefully put ourselves into debt when Community College is just as good and possibly better than 4-year institutions?

Take myself for example, so I didn’t do too well on the SATs right? I don’t test that great, I know we hear it time and time again. The SAT is designed for students that are white, male, upper-middle class, christian, etc., etc.

Community College didn’t discriminate, I was allowed to redeem myself and prove that a simple /2400 score didn’t define my entire high school academic and projected workforce capacity. I even was awarded a scholarship for my academic performance in high school.

The end of my college freshman year I performed so well that I was informed I made it onto the President’s list, and received academic honors. The directors of the honors program informed me that if I maintained my GPA I would receive honors on my transcript and a transfer scholarship to any state school.

Additionally, this past summer I was offered the opportunity to work as an Engineering Intern at the social media website Tumblr in New York City. I was pretty shocked when I was told that as a freshman Computer Science student I would be working as a Software Engineer in NYC!

Many times people I either worked with or met during mixers or networking events would comment on how impressed they are with my success despite the school I am attending. I understand and I know they don’t mean any harm by it. But I do feel it is a moot point to mention what school I attended, because what does it matter?

It’s hurtful that, at times, I am reluctantly praised for my achievements because of my choice of school

How is it fair that I tutored my best friend who (at no disrepect to them) goes to an Ivy League university and takes a math class taught from the same textbook, gets hired at prestigous companies, even though our educations are clearly equivilant?

Even though I chose to turn down 6 incredible universities in favor of saving money and staying close to home, shouldn’t mean that I still don’t get the same level of academics and school environment that they have to offer!

This is a conversation that I have had time and time again this past summer, that makes me think about all the other students that may not have been as lucky as me in their academic endeavour.

Anyways, I digress. So maybe Community College isn’t all that bad, and maybe all those scary things that they told us in high school that only high school drop outs go to Community College aren’t actually true. If you are a high school senior or a parent of one and considering choices of schools don’t rule out your local county college, they’re just as good as any University.